Contemporary Works
* = premiered by Martin Bruns

John Adams
(b. 1947)

    "The Wound-Dresser" (1988)
    words: Walt Whitman
    for baritone and orchestra

Frangis Ali-Sade
(b. 1947)

    "Journey to Immortality" (1995-99)*
    words: Nazim Hikmet
    for baritone, choir and chamber ensemble

John Burge
(b. 1961)

    "Blue Psalm" (1999)
    words: Dennis Lee
    for low voice and piano


    "Elegy as a Message left on an Answering Machine" (1997)
    words: Stephen Heighton
    for voice, clarinet in Bb and piano

David Diamond
(1915 – 2005)

    "The Death of Peter Whiffle" (1993)
    words: Carl Van Vechten
    for baritone and small orchestra


    "L'Âme de Claude Debussy" (1949/92)*
    words: Claude Debussy
    (extraits des lettres à son éditeur)
    A cycle of Nine Songs for baritone and piano

Hans-Peter Dott
(b. 1952)

    "Walzer und Liebeslieder"
    words: Unsi-al-Hadji, Rilke, Ebert, Salis-Seewis & Seidl
    for piano for four hands and four mixed voices

Paul Engel
(b. 1949)

    "Risposte alle rime di Petrarca" (2004)*
    poetry: Fran
    cesco Petrarca & Pellegra Bongiovanni
    for baritone, string quartet und accordion


    "Getäuscht hat sich der Albatros" (2005)*
    poetry: Ursula Haas
    for baritone and piano trio

Rudolf Kelterborn
(b. 1931)

    "Namenlos" (1995-96)
    for large ensemble, electronic sounds & baritone

Karl Kolbinger
(b. 1921)

    "Poems" (2000)
    words: Herbert Rosendorfer
    for voice and woodwind quintet

Marcelle de Manziarly
(1899 – 1989)

    "Rapido fiume" (1960)
    poetry: Francesco Petrarca
    for baritone and piano

Aribert Reimann
(b. 1936)

    "Nachtstück I" (1966)
    poetry: Eichendorff
    for baritone and piano


    "Nunc dimittis" (1984)
    words: Hölderlin
    for baritone, bass flute and mixed choir

Bruno Rigacci
(b. 1921)

    "Per madonna Laura" (1999)
    poetry: Francesco Petrarca
    for baritone, flute, violin, viola & violoncello


    "What is the problem?" (2006)*

    scherzetto bilingue per baritono solo

Wolfgang Rihm
(b. 1952)

    "umsungen“ (1983/84)
    words: Hölderlin
    for baritone and chamber ensemble

Peter Ruzicka
(b. 1948)

    "…der die Gesänge zerschlug"
    words: Paul Celan
    for baritone and chamber ensemble

Rudi Spring
(b. 1962)

    "Incontro" (2003) – Dialogische Canzone*
    poetry: Francesco Petrarca – Rudi Spring
    for baritone and piano or fortepiano

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